Coin Necklace
Ever wonder what a tusk pendant means?

Tusk jewelry symbolizes Ganesha, an elephant that has the strength to uproot a tree, but can also pick up a needle. Ganesha, a Hindu deity,  has only one tusk, and the other is broken. Ganesha, also known as Gita, is one of many Buddhist symbols used in jewelry. Other popular Buddhist symbols used in jewelry are the Ohm symbol, the lotus flower and the Bodhi tree.

There is great symbolism in Ganesha’s one tusk, meaning that a person is wise and beyond duality. The elephant is also a Buddhist symbol of mental strength.  Wearing a tusk pendant asserts mental strength and wise character. Tusk jewelry is meant to be worn by individuals who want to symbolize they are strong in character.

The character of Ganesha, with his broken tusk, is also thought to be the Buddhist symbol of knowledge and is identified within the Ohm mantra. Tusk pendants may also have ohm symbols present, as the two go hand in hand.

When chanting the ohm mantra, Ganesha broken tusks can symbolize the duality of the human spirit. Wearing both the Tusk pendant and Ohm jewelry can help make the wearer feel settled, and be at the utmost level of consciousness.

3 thoughts on “Tusk

  1. im sorry, but i have to correct you there, Ganesha is a Hindu diety. om is also of HIndu origin. Please dont get HInduism and Buddhism mixed up.

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